Elder Law/Financial Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse is a terrible tragedy in our society. Diamond Baker Mitchell, LLP is focused on zealously asserting the rights of our clients. Elder Abuse is often thought of as physical abuse, sadly there are many other forms. Abuse can be physical, emotional, financial, caused by neglect, and invasion of one's privacy. Studies show that fifty percent of the wealth in our country is owned by people over 65 years of age.  This population can be vulnerable targets for financial elder abuse. We have obtained substantial recovery of funds lost to elders by financial abuse from unauthorized or inappropriate investments sold to them.

Abuse can occur in skilled nursing facilities and other residential care facilities, or even in one's own home. The statistical prevalence of elder abuse is staggering. Recent studies have shown that 1/3 of all nursing homes have been cited for abuse violations, and a half million elders have been abused in their own homes.